Look, it is not as if we here at Twitchy are a bunch of humorless scolds. We are all about the levity, especially in times of crisis like we are all enduring. But it becomes a little tough to take when the same media which have been barking about the president not taking this seriously and not listening to the experts turns around with a completely frivolous post about one of those very experts they demand we listen to with rapt attention.

Over at The Hill they certainly show how seriously they want to be regarded as a source of Covid-19 information.


It is not like the general public is on edge and looking for information about what we are dealing with as a result.

After the past few months of media behavior we cannot really express too much surprise.

Valid question. Or possibly bought out by BuzzFeed Media.

Uh, suuuuurrrreeee…..THAT is what is being cheapened here.

See??? It was ALREADY cheapened.

This point cannot be argued. Mainly because the media has been proving this statement as accurate on a daily basis.