We wouldn’t have seen this if it hadn’t been retweeted by American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, who apparently has no clue how horrible a person she comes across as on Twitter. Weingarten, who claims her union has tried to reopen schools for in-person learning since April 2020, is cheering on an agreement between Detroit Public Schools and the teachers union there, which has won an agreement of up to $2,000 in hazard pay for in-person and blended classroom teachers.

The Detroit News reports:

Detroit Public Schools Community District reached an agreement with its teachers union for reopening schools that includes smaller class sizes, a separate district-operated virtual school and up to $2,000 in staff hazard pay and another $2,000 if teachers work in a blended learning environment.

After experiencing a 2,700-student drop in enrollment during the pandemic, the district’s other roughly 38,000 students were in a virtual learning program that kept them at home.

In April, [Superintendent Nikolai] Vitti offered $500 and two sick days to teachers and many other employees who prove they’ve taken a COVID-19 vaccine. Teachers working inside schools receive $750 per quarter for hazard pay during the pandemic.

The union president says he expects the majority of teachers to return to classrooms this fall.

What could teachers do to make themselves look worse that they haven’t already done?