As Twitchy reported Tuesday night, American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten retweeted a Washington Post story, saying teachers as workers need to be prepared to adapt as the coronavirus delta variant develops. A lot of people took that as a sign that the delta variant would be the union’s next excuse not to return to in-classroom instruction in the fall.

That wasn’t the only ratio awaiting Weingarten, though. She tweeted a bit of her appearance at the Aspen Festival (without a mask, no less) and received this reply:

The first tweet has garnered 974 likes in the past 24 hours. Weingarten’s has racked up eight.

It’s true: Chicago public school teachers actually posted a video of interpretive dance to “express their desire to feel safe” upon returning to classrooms. And as the story above notes, that was January of 2021.

Remember the fake caskets, the fake tombstones, the self-written obituaries, the fake body bags? While the rest of the nation was back at work?

You’d think members of the largest teachers union in the country would pitch in and give Weingarten more than eight likes on her tweet.