On Thursday it was announced that a Manhattan grand jury had indicted Donald Trump, and the media was of course all over it:

But the excitement was extra palpable on CNN and MSNBC, who really miss the ratings boon they got out of a Trump-loaded news cycle, and now their dream has come true:

CNN and MSNBC have been hyping the Trump indictment almost as much as Joe Biden loves ice cream, but on the night after the news was announced earlier in the day guess what crushed them:


If I had to guess MSNBC and CNN won’t see a big increase in ratings until the forced felony charges against Trump get thrown out. At that point everybody including me will be tuning into the lib nets to watch the glorious meltdowns.

Also MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” seemed to have more talking heads on the screen than they have viewers:


The subject was anti-Semitism and George Soros, and there sat Al Sharpton while nobody on the huge panel seemed to appreciate the extreme irony.



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