We’ve talked about CNN medical analyst (and former Planned Parenthood president) Dr. Leana Wen before when she was on TV fretting about states like Texas and Mississippi dropping mask mandates and reopening 100 percent. “If everything is reopened, what’s the carrot going to be?” she asked, insinuating that the government needed to dangle the promise of freedom in front of you to encourage you to get vaccinated.

Freedom was the carrot, but now Wen is saying that it’s time to go back to indoor mask mandates because “it’s not possible to tell who is vaccinated” — “The honor system does not work.”

We were assured the honor system didn’t have to work; if you were vaccinated, you were safe around people without masks, vaccinated or not. Los Angeles County just reinstated its indoor mask mandate regardless of your vaccination status.

And wasn’t it the other way around? The idea of the mask was to keep the infected from spreading the virus to others, right?

If they work, then mask mandates are meaningless — more meaningless than an “honor system.”