We thought this might make a nice follow-up to this post about single Haitian men being let through the gates by the Border Patrol in Del Rio, Texas. As Twitchy reported a week ago, at the height of the protests against the government in Cuba, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Haitian and Cuban migrants who tried to come to the U.S. by boat would not be allowed into the country. “By boat” seemed to be a very important clause.

A lot of people said in the comments that all the Cubans and Haitians needed to do was just take a boat to Texas and then walk across the border and they’d be let in, no problem. That seemed to be the case, as Fox LA’s Bill Melugin posted footage of single Haitian men being let through the gates, despite the Border Patrol trying to push men back and let families through.

Now Melugin is reporting that even more Haitians are being let into the country. If they’d arrived by boat, we were told they’d be resettled in third countries, so what’s going to happen to this batch?

This is from Wednesday:

And this is from Thursday; at least this group looks like families with young children:

Seriously, what is the official policy being enforced here? Anyone but Cubans?


Fox News caught sight of a slide shown to Border Patrol agents telling them the number of COVID-positive migrants in the Rio Grande Valley was up 900 percent over 14 months ago.

We’re still wondering if these Haitians are going to be shipped to a third country or if that only applies to those who arrive by boat. And keep in mind this is just the Del Rio gate; the Rio Grande Valley sector is where things are really jumping.