Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire is really, really popular on Facebook. It’s big and it’s conservative, so NPR had to do a hit piece on it, noting that even though “the site does not purport to be a traditional news source” and admits to being opinionated, “it’s not clear that the millions of people engaging with the site’s news stories every month recognize that.” In other words, the readership is too stupid to know they’re being fed “misinformation.” “If you’ve stripped enough context away,” said one egghead professor interviewed for the piece, “any piece of truth can become a piece of misinformation.”

Matt Taibbi has a great rebuttal to NPR’s piece on Substack, and it’s getting a lot of responses.

The alternative media he’s referring to is things like The Daily Wire. He writes:

NPR has not run a piece critical of Democrats since Christ was a boy. Moreover, much like the New York Times editorial page (but somehow worse), the public news leader’s monomaniacal focus on “race and sexuality issues” has become an industry in-joke. For at least a year especially, listening to NPR has been like being pinned in wrestling beyond the three-count. Everything is about race or gender, and you can’t make it stop.

Conservatives have always hated NPR, but in the last year I hear more and more politically progressive people, in the media, talking about the station as a kind of mass torture experiment, one that makes the most patient and sensible people want to drive off the road in anguish.

“NPR sucks and is unlistenable, so people are going elsewhere,” he concludes. “People like Shapiro are running their strategy in reverse and making fortunes doing it.”

Even NPR’s public editor said that interview with the author of “In Defense of Looting” “did not serve NPR’s audience.”

Yeah, remember when NPR came right out and said they wouldn’t touch the Hunter Biden laptop story?

It’s a great piece. Read the whole thing.