We’ve been writing a bit about Robin DiAngelo lately as she makes the rounds to promote her new book, “Nice Racism,” which aims to tell all of those white progressives that they’re doing it wrong and they’re still racist. We’ve covered interviews and reviews (“a juggernaut of cringe”), but we haven’t really gotten into the content of the book itself.

Good news: The Spectator’s Melissa Chen has pulled an excerpt so woke liberals learn that they’re “over-smiling” at black people:

Remember: DiAngelo believes that following her advice might add one hour to a black person’s life by alleviating the “chronic stress of racism” that shortens their lifespans. So don’t fake-smile; the deception of niceness perpetuates racial harm.

A person smiling someone interferes with her picking out a tomato? Is it a time-crunch thing?

There’s never any solution except to buy her next book or attend her next seminar.