There was outrage on the Left when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed his anti-riot bill into law. Much like how people singled out campaign workers not being allowed to give water to people standing in line to vote in Georgia as a grievous sin, people abbreviated DeSantis’s legislation as allowing people to deliberately run over protesters with their cars.

Talking Points Memo’s take was that “protecting drivers who ram into demonstrators” was the GOP’s new anti-protest tactic. Axios reported that black lawmakers called the anti-riot law a “heartless” return to the Jim Crow era. But there’s a difference between protesting and rioting; in Florida, Sheriff Grady Judd even brought photos to show the difference between a peaceful demonstration and a riot as “some people are slow learners.”

DeSantis tweeted Sunday in support of the protesters in Cuba:

He wasn’t the only one, but Miami-Dade Democrats chair Steve Simeonidis argued that those protests in Cuba would have been illegal under DeSantis’s law.

Hey, look, another Democrat:

We lived through TDS; we’d better get used to DDS.