You might remember back in April of 2019 that videos and photos of Joe Biden putting his hands all over women and children and sniffing their hair was such a liability to his campaign he literally put out a video explaining how it had been explained to him that he needs to respect personal space. He said touching people was just his way of “making connections” with them as a politician. Here it is again:

You can just sniff women’s hair, and when you’re president, they let you get away with it.

We’re blurring out the girl’s face in this photo but we’ll assure you she’s not looking in Biden’s eyes and smiling.

Do you know what that reminds us of? That photo of a woman’s “unsettling encounter” with Gov. Andrew Cuomo at a wedding.

Some people have said they’re praying together, which makes it all right.

Just praying? Hopefully?