It’s the six-month anniversary of the Capitol riot, and all the media outlets are weighing in with their hot takes (while overlooking the 150 shot to death over the holiday weekend). It was back in May when Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who was in a separate office building, revealed she was in therapy and that members of Congress effectively “served in war.”

Look, we get it — journalists are some of the most disliked people in the country next to politicians — but so much of that dislike is of their own making that we’re not ready for VICE News’s piece on the reporters who survived January 6. (Narrator: All of them did.)

Remember how the press all gave their support when protesters literally did show up at Tucker Carlson’s house? No?

This reminds us of CNN’s Jim Acosta covering Trump rallies all over again, fearful that the crowd might turn on the CNN crew and attack them.

We’re old enough to remember when CNN had a radical Black Lives Matter activist who’d been in the Capitol and was a witness to the Ashli Babbitt shooting on as a guest that night.

Of course, CNN’s Brian Stelter had to chime in and say he wished he thought of doing this story:


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