Much like Georgia’s voting law, Florida’s anti-critical race theory rule seems to have really triggered some people who don’t seem to fully understand it beyond what they read in headlines. As early as March, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said his state’s curriculum would “expressly exclude” critical race theory, which a lot of people have said would preclude discussions of such things as slavery.

Timothy Snyder has a piece in the New York Times magazine called “The War on History Is a War on Democracy,” and he goes to great lengths to compare Stalinism to Florida’s law. “We have no trouble seeing that famine, gulag and terror were something other than administrative excesses, and can’t easily overlook an alliance with Hitler,” he writes. “By the same token, anyone looking at the United States from the outside immediately sees that our new memory laws protect the legacy of racism. We are only fooling ourselves.”

National Review’s Rich Lowry isn’t making the connection.

No way.

And thus, the 1619 Project is excluded from the curriculum.

They won’t correct anything because it’s an opinion piece, and that’s just like his opinion, man. We’ll note that the Washington Post already published its anti-DeSantis piece, written by a 17-year-old. NBC News and MSNBC are also doing a full-court press against anti-CRT rules and the parents who support them.