This is quite a letter to the Manchester School District, aka “The Temple of Equity,” from Daniel Concannon, who addresses his resignation letter to “Human Wedgie McGee,” the program director of something called the 21CCLC Program.

“As a Transfeminine-Sprectasexual-Non-Libidonist-Subaru-Forester-Basset-Hound-Hybrid with a mixtape of surgical errors for genitals, I am non binarily outraged at Manchester School District’s stunning failure at inclusivity of Soft Butch, Stone Butch, Panromantic, Genderormant, Cupiosexual, Trigender, Polygender, Demigender, and Left-of-Center peoples, and I call for the resignation and immediate gender reassignment surgery of Superintendent Goldhardt, Chief Equity Officer (lmao) Steady, and all other District Administrators and Board of School Committee members responsible for this wanton toxicity that, though obviously acceptable to treat mere cisnormative Whites with, is supposed to be spared those that share fellowship in the cultural revolution, adopt abstract and performative identities, and list pronouns after their names.”

Whew. Don’t know if he’ll be using that two-week notice or if he’ll be let go immediately.

That’s quite the resignation letter.