We’ve already been through this once today, with the Washington Post reporting that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had mandated surveys of students’ beliefs. As Jonathan Adler pointed out, the headline was horrendously misleading; the survey “does not ask students, faculty and staff what their viewpoints are, but whether they feel free to express their viewpoints, whatever they may be.” It’s about the health of the academic environment and whether people feel free to express their views on campus.

The Hill actually managed to come up with an even worse headline, maintaining that DeSantis had made it a law that students and faculty “declare their political beliefs.”

A whole lot of people in The Hill’s comments are tagging in the ACLU because this is illegal and unconstitutional.

Jonathan Adler addressed these headlines over at Reason:

“Florida Gov signs law requiring students, faculty be asked to declare their political beliefs,” blares a headline from The Hill. A story on the same legislation in the Tampa Bay Times has the header: “State university faculty, students to be surveyed on beliefs,” with the subhead: “Gov. Ron DeSantis suggested that budget cuts could be looming if universities and colleges are found to be “indoctrinating” students.” Will Stancil warned the law represents “a government-led crackdown on college thoughtcrime.” It all sounds scary, but is this what the law does?

In short, no. But these are the same people pissed that DeSantis has banned vaccine passports — and about everything else he’s ever done.