Shocking news from the Washington Post about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ ongoing push for academic freedom:

Wow. Ron DeSantis is mandating surveys of college students’ beliefs? How is that even legal? How is that not a total violation of the First Amendment?

Well, as it turns out, what Ron DeSantis signed into law not illegal, and it’s not a violation of the First Amendment. Because what he signed into law is not what the Washington Post’s headline would have you believe.

A horrendously misleading headline? From the Washington Post? The devil, you say!

So you’re saying we shouldn’t believe the Washington Post, then. Sounds like good advice.

Real Journalists are far too busy and important doing Real Journalism to read up on the subjects of their Real Journalism.

Guess it’s up to the pesky journalists who actually take time to understand the things they write about:

Jonathan Adler wrote up a whole piece about DeSantis’ legislation, and, unlike what WaPo put out, it’s not sensationalist garbage.

God forbid WaPo take a page from Adler’s book instead of their own demented one.

It certainly does merit an extensive correction, but we won’t hold our breath. Because this is the Washington Post we’re dealing with, after all.

We honestly can’t remember the last time it was a news organization.

With all the crap the WaPo spews, that’d require a whole lot of manpower.