Did Senator Sheldon Whitehouse belong to an all-white private beach club? When asked, he thought he did, but the club was going to try harder. The club says it is diverse, but Whitehouse has never seen a person of color there. He doesn’t go there often; he’s not even a member, but his family members are.

You might remember the story of actress Ellie Kemper, who trended on Twitter as “KKK Princess” when an old news clip reported she’d won some sort of pageant at 19 at an organization that integrated before she was even born. Still, she posted a struggle session to social media atoning for “race and privilege” clouding her judgment as a teenager.

Amy Curtis doesn’t have a fancy blue check but she does follow @TwitchyTeam, which makes her very cool, and she posted the Washington Post’s takes side-by-side, along with a righteous rant.

Look at how quickly the accident at the Pride parade was reported as anti-LGBT terrorism and blame placed at the feet of Gov. Ron DeSantis.