The Washington Post’s Michael Gerson admits that he’s woke because it’s a good thing, although he can see a problem with “extreme wokeness,” which makes itself felt in critical race theory. He’s right when he says it’s “a fight for power, a zero-sum struggle between oppressor and oppressed,” and it involves favoring the oppressed in every instance.

However, the real problem with “America’s contest of nightmares” is right-wing authoritarianism:

Large elements of the American populist right mythologize the nation’s past rather than face its failures. They dismiss real news as fake and embrace obvious propaganda. They are anti-intellectual to the point of denying lifesaving scientific truths. They fear diversity and target racial, ethnic and religious minorities for resentment. They cultivate a sense of victimhood by warning of arrogant elites and vast conspiracies. These are not isolated ailments; they are the textbook symptoms of a fascist political infection.

OK, he lost us there when he touched upon fake news. Didn’t the fact-checker for his own paper just lay out a timeline that made the Wuhan lab-leak theory “suddenly” credible? Who’s embracing obvious (CCP) propaganda?

It’s no contest which is worse.

Good point. Hey, didn’t Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe just call critical race theory a right-wing conspiracy that was “totally made up” by Donald Trump?

Image the bravery it took to acknowledge there’s even a strain of “extreme wokeness” poisoning the country.