NBC News’ Brandy Zadrozny is interested in Christopher Rufo’s view on critical race theory, in the sense that she can use it of proof of critical race theory being “the new antifa” and a “boogeyman political topic.” As Twitchy reported earlier, Zadrozny unveiled her new piece calling critical race theory just that:

Anticipating a backlash from readers, Zadrozny, on behalf of her “dear readers,” pulled a quote from Rufo as proof of … something:

Rufo wrote what he meant to write, and he offered to provide a quote for Zadrozny to use in her piece:

Um, what? “Demanding” an after-the-fact publication? When did that happen?

Yes, why not include the context of critical race theory in practice, such as having white teachers atone for the “spirit murder” of their black students?

“From Marxist Critique to Poststructuralist Feminism to Critical Theories of Race” — but, what about two plus two adding up to five? Let’s not lose sight of the goal of a public education — teaching the fundamentals.

There’s one point on which we agree with Zadrozny: good luck with the fundraising.