It was just a little ago when first lady Dr. Jill Biden tweeted a photo of herself flipping through a binder on a desk, saying that she was “prepping for the G7.” A lot of people wondered if they’d missed an election or something. Come to think of it, a lot of people wonder who’s running the show, including President Biden himself.

As Twitchy reported, Biden visited airmen at an Air Force base in the U.K. to tell them that climate change, not white supremacy, is the greatest threat facing America. In what would normally be a cute moment, the commander-in-chief told the troops, “At ease,” adding, “I keep forgetting I’m president.”

We have to continually remind ourselves that Biden received more than 81 million votes.

It was only a week ago that Biden estimated that it had been 15 months since January 20, Inauguration Day.