We’re certain that using the word “cackle” is sexist — no one ever describes a man as cackling — but we don’t know how else to describe Vice President Kamala Harris’s go-to response whenever she’s asked a difficult question. As Twitchy reported, Harris laughed heartily when asked back in March if she had any plans on visiting the border, seeing how President Biden had put her in charge of the border “challenge.”

We don’t think Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had donned an all-white outfit and visited the kids in cages at Biden’s concentration camps for unaccompanied minors either.

What’s so funny? Whatever it is, it tickled Harris’s funny bone again in Mexico. You people just don’t get it … her mission is to address the “root causes” of migration, such as climate change (although Guatemala’s president laid the blame on the Biden administration’s immigration policies).

And why are they still in masks?

Just visit the damn border!

It’s almost as if she laughs instinctively when backed into a corner, as in every time she talks to the press.