We reported the other day that the Left was taking a new tack: rather than just trying to paint parents who oppose critical race theory as ignorant racists, we were hearing that laws against teaching CRT were having a “chilling effect” on discourse in the classroom and putting teachers’ First Amendment rights in jeopardy.

First Amendment lawyer Greg Lukianoff argues that yes, laws against teaching critical race theory in college are unconstitutional.

There’s teaching critical race theory as a college course, though, and the integration of critical race theory into public school curriculums.

We’ve covered some of the worst examples here, and it is an attempt by teachers and school boards to compel ideology.

He talks about the worst examples of critical race theory as applied in public schools, but we haven’t heard a lot about good examples of its integration into the classroom. Shouldn’t it be able to stand on its own merits, instead of teachers and school board members keeping lists of heretics to shame in the public square?