As Twitchy reported not too long ago, the hacks at Politifact decided to take a look at critical race theory from a “Republicans pounce” perspective. They don’t seem to know what critical race theory is, or how it’s implemented in school curriculums, but they do know that conservatives are the ones trying to block it (a theory disproved by the comments, in which plenty of liberals said they don’t want CRT in schools). Christopher Rufo offered up a thread explaining exactly what CRT means in a school environment with real-life examples, in case Politifact actually felt like checking the facts.

The cheap-and-dirty argument against bans on CRT in schools was that it would keep teachers from teaching about slavery. That’s completely disingenuous, but now we have an uninformed media doing pieces on the “chilling effect” legislation is having on classroom discourse.

That’s Derek W. Black, author of “Schoolhouse Burning: Public Education and the Assault on American Democracy.” The blurb on Amazon describes it this way:

Today’s current schooling trends — the declining commitment to properly fund public education and the well-financed political agenda to expand vouchers and charter schools — present a major assault on the democratic norms that public education represents and risk undermining one of the unique accomplishments of American society.

That makes it pretty clear where Black is coming from.

They got it right above; if you want a “chilling effect” on speech, try arguing against CRT in your school, and teachers and board members will put you on a list and solicit people to spy on your groups and hack your sites and expose you as racists.