With Critical Race Theory being such a hot topic in the national conversation, it’s only natural that PolitiFact would tackle it.

And it’s only natural that this is how they’d tackle it:

Let PolitiFact be clear: the reason that Critical Race Theory is such a wedge issue is that conservatives and Republicans have made it one.


Conservative lawmakers in over a dozen states, including MissouriIdahoTennessee, have introduced bills aimed at barring critical race theory in the classroom. The bills generally forbid teachers from offering any instruction that suggests that the United States is fundamentally racist, or that leads students to feel guilty for past actions by white people. Some of the bills expressly use the term “critical race theory” while others ban certain practices.

Educators warn that they will have their intended effect — turning teachers ultra-cautious, confining their lessons to a limited view of American history and current events.

“This will scare a lot of school districts,” said Columbia, Mo., high school social studies teacher Greg Simmons. “A lot of teachers don’t feel comfortable teaching around race anyway, and this will put a kibosh on all of that.”

Florida state Sen. Shevrin Jones, a South Florida Democrat and former public school teacher, said, “The crazy thing about this is, now critical race theory is not even taught in K-12 education.”

Regardless, Republicans are pressing the issue.

Republicans press!

This stuff is getting reeeally old.


Good point, Nate, though you could’ve just ended the tweet after “It’s hard to take this piece seriously.”

Anyway, for what it’s worth: