When President Joe Biden put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the border “challenge,” she laughed off a question from reporters about when she’d be visiting the border. The Biden-Harris administration had to clarify her role as border czar; her job was to get on the phone with the leaders of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador to find out what was driving migrants to the U.S. border — uncover the root causes of migration, so to speak.

And she did. She learned that some of the root causes were persecution of the LGBTQ community in Guatemala and, of course, lack of climate adaptation. She did not mention Biden’s call for migrants to “immediately surge” to the border once he was president.

This week she talked to some business leaders about how to be a good neighbor to the Northern Triangle and invest in job creation in Central America. The government’s just going to send cash; the private sector will outsource the jobs.

This coming from an administration that called the situation at the border a “crisis” only when Biden slipped up one time.