As Twitchy reported the other day, Christopher Rufo dressed down The Bulwark’s Charlie Sykes by asking him what he’d actually done about the spread of critical race theory in schools, businesses, and government agencies, which he claimed to oppose. “I’m driving outcomes in the real world; you’re just moaning about it,” Rufo declared.

Rufo is unstoppable, and he’s back with another one of his whistleblower threads, this one about a three-day “reeducation camp” for select executives at Lockheed Martin, the nation’s largest defense contractor. And as usual, he’s brought the documents to back it up.

“Lockheed Martin White Men’s Caucus” — it sounds like a choir ensemble.

We’ve heard of White Men as Full Diversity Partners before; they’d been hired to do the same camp for Sandia National Laboratories, the federal government’s premier nuclear research lab. However, that training had been shut down.

Good old boys network, Aryan Nation, guns, self-reliant, NASCAR, chauvinist, KKK, hard-working … we’ve seen the Smithsonian’s display on “whiteness,” so we’re not sure if things like “independent,” “self-reliant” and “hard-working” are positives or negatives. Dismantling white culture means doing away with rugged individualism and the nuclear family and replacing them with collectivism and community — just check the Black Lives Matter manifesto.

Told you — rugged individualism is a building block of white supremacist culture. “Focus on hard work, action, and task completion” — all rooted in whiteness.

“I can work around children without being accused of recruiting them?” Better sign up the Lincoln Project for reeducation.

We feel like we need to hit you with a spray bottle like a cat on the furniture. You should not recommend white male culture to everyone because American culture is already rooted in it. It’s systemic and needs to be dismantled.

There are so many more clients of White Men as Full Diversity Partners and similar outfits out there. These are only the ones we see.