As Twitchy reported earlier Saturday, someone was pretty aghast to find out that the Department of Energy’s Berkeley Lab was putting a hold on diversity, equity, and inclusion training — the result of a memo from President Trump tracking down tax money spent on critical race theory and white privilege workshops.

Christopher Rufo has been at the center of this crusade and in August revealed that Sandia National Laboratories, the federal government’s premier nuclear research lab, had hosted a three-day reeducation camp for white males, with the goal of exposing their “white privilege” and deconstructing “white male culture.”

It looked as though Sandia was pressing forward, though:

And there are those traits of white supremacy again: rugged individualism over collectivism, a focus on doing as compared to just being, and a belief that time is linear and flows into the future — all things that must be rooted out of government laboratories.

Breaking news, though: employees are going to have to go to work as usual.

Imagine putting the whole grievance industry out of business.