Teen Vogue never ceases to amaze. Whether reporting that sleep is racist or giving “vagina owners” instructions on how to masturbate, the magazine manages to touch on everything except fashion like its big sister, Vogue.

This piece, by Lisa Stardust, was published in 2019 but is getting another airing, just like Teen Vogue re-ups its guides to Marxism and anal sex every few months.

Stardust gives some ways to use menstrual blood to create your own personal magic:

Menstrual blood can be used in spells to ward off evil and protect us, if used properly. Blue June, Host of “Mystic Witch” Podcast, suggests creating a witch bottle to repel negative vibes from others. “Collect any pieces of broken glass, tacks, nails, screws or anything else you’ve collected from your journeys that could injure you” in a mason jar with your menstrual blood (or a used tampon), Blue advised. Seal it tight and bury it near your home for protection from others.

It sounds like others need protection from you.

We wonder what age group actually reads Teen Vogue, because an actual teen — around age 17 or 18, say — wouldn’t want anything to do with something labeled “teen.” And who is buying this magazine for their 12-year-olds?