Remember way back in February of 2020 when we told you about a criminology professor who claimed that the animated children’s show “Paw Patrol” was problematic because it ignores the structural barriers in our society and encourages capitalism? A few months later, cancel culture had it out for “Paw Patrol,” as the New York Times reported that the show faced a backlash against the portrayal of “good cops” (this was around the same time that the show “Cops” was canceled by Paramount and Hollywood was rethinking cops shows and even superheroes, who are essentially just cops in capes).

This comes to us courtesy of The Daily Wire. Chrissy Clark writes that Cypress College student Braden Ellis gave a presentation about “cancel culture” and why it is “so destructive and tearing our country apart.” In it, he mentioned the campaign to cancel “Paw Patrol,” which triggered his communications professor.

Agenda, much?

But 1619 Project creator Nikole Hannah-Jones just assured CBS News last week that modern policing had a direct lineage to slave patrols, which is what makes police reform so difficult. The 1619 Project!

Here’s the whole exchange: