Why is it whenever we have a post based on what some college professor has said it has to be completely inane? Judging by the amount of licensed merchandise we’ve seen, we can certainly believe the kids’ cartoon “Paw Patrol” is doing its part for capitalism, but we didn’t know it encouraged capitalism, and that was a bad thing.

This report comes out of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in London, Ontario, and features the views of criminology professor Liam Kennedy. Remember how Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently reminded us that it’s physically impossible to pull oneself up by one’s bootstraps? Kennedy seems a similar problem depicted in “Paw Patrol,” who apparently run as a for-profit augmentation of the taxpayer-funded police force:

Liam Kennedy’s two-year-old son isn’t allowed to watch Paw Patrol.

“He has now internalized my feelings about the series and knows that we don’t in fact watch Paw Patrol in our house,” said the King’s University College professor in an interview with London Morning’s Rebecca Zandbergen.

… Kennedy takes issue with Paw Patrol as a kind of stand-in for a government-funded police force. “I would argue that the Paw Patrol, as a private corporation, is used to help provide basic social services in the Adventure Bay community.

“That’s problematic in that the Paw Patrol creators are sending this message that we can’t depend on the state to provide these services.”

“I just think that as time goes on, children might be less likely to critique the capitalist system that causes environmental harm in the first place and reproduces inequality,” Kennedy said.

But what about the “No job is too big, no pup is too small” message so often quoted on the show? Kennedy has a problem with that too.

“To me that’s an individualist message. Pull up your boot straps, you can do it if you just try hard enough. That kind of message ignores structural barriers in our society and not everyone can do it,” he said.

This crap was actually published in the journal “Crime Media Culture.”