As Twitchy reported earlier, CBS News reported some North Korean-style approval numbers for President Biden’s speech Wednesday night, saying that a whopping 85 percent of viewers approved of the speech.

The National Pulse’s Raheem Kassam decided to look into that poll. Most polls are slanted Democratic, but this one was really slanted. According to Kassam, the YouGov survey included just 169 Republicans out of nearly 1,000 people.

Kassam writes:

The full poll details reveal that CBS actually spoke with 10,420 U.S. adults and then whittled the sample size down to just 943.

Of this 943:

  • 54% were Democrats (510 people)
  • 25% were Independents (235 people)
  • 18% were Republicans (169 people)

And as Kassam writes, Independents usually skew left.

It’s like the late Rush Limbaugh always said: news channels take polls to create the news they want to report.

That’s fair. But does that also explain why President Trump’s lowest-rated State of the Union address attracted 37 million viewers and Biden’s — the most popular president in history — only attracted 11.6 million?