Just unreal.

We’ve heard from the Washington Post’s fact-checker on how many lies President Biden has told in his first 100 days, but what it doesn’t take into account is that 1) the paper had to have decided to fact-check the president, and 2) it was the Washington Post doing the fact-checking.

This isn’t the Washington Post but PolitiFact twisting reality enough to grant Sen. Ted Cruz a “false” rating when he said that the GOP didn’t try to “rig the game” when the Republicans had control of the Senate.

“The GOP had the power to do what it did, but it doesn’t mean they weren’t rigging the game.” Do tell:

If your time is short, PolitiFact says — and it is — here’s what you need to know:

  • Cruz’s comment ignores that Republicans gave diametrically opposite treatment to President Barack Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland and President Donald Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett.
  • As the party controlling the Senate, the Republicans had the right to exercise their power as they saw fit. But there was no consistency on their part when they denied Garland a hearing for nearly a year yet rushed through Barrett’s nomination within weeks — other than advancing the party’s goals.

Filling vacancies on the Supreme Court is now somehow “rigging the game” equal to the threat of packing the court.

PolitiFact continues:

When asked why the GOP’s actions don’t qualify as partisan gamesmanship, Cruz’s spokesperson Steve Guest doubled down on Cruz’s statement.

“Absolutely nothing was rigged by Republicans. Presidents nominate judges. The Senate gives or withholds advice and consent. Those are the rules and Republicans followed them,” Guest said.