First, we’d like to know if CNN’s Brian Stelter is going to tweet about how much time MSNBC devoted to Fox News’s Tucker Carlson — they’re really stepping on his toes, there. Second, we really can’t take Frank Figliuzzi’s warnings about the reach of Fox News and Donald Trump seriously when he brings up the case of the woman who gave her husband fish tank cleaner, apparently thinking it was a form of hydroxychloroquine. But remember how badly the mainstream media wanted to discredit the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat the coronavirus because Trump had said it could be a game-changer?

Anyway, the story’s the same as always: Tucker Carlson makes a point on his show, Aaron Rupar takes a clip out of context, and then CNN and MSNBC report on how dangerous Carlson is. No, Carlson wasn’t telling his audience to harass people who wear face masks outside; he was just turning things around and having people imagine if harassing people for not wearing masks outside were treated the same way. Still, Figliuzzi warned Nicolle Wallace’s viewers that falsely reporting child abuse is a crime.

That shouldn’t be hard to figure out.

It pretty clear that the media has settled on Tucker Carlson as its new media bogeyman and Ron DeSantis as its political one. But they still need to slip in Trump every now and then.

In case you thought CNN was going to overlook Carlson for one night, Bill Kristol is still at it:

Oh, and garnering 4,000 likes on Twitter? FOX NEWS MASK MURDER!