As Twitchy reported Wednesday, Rep. Cori Bush literally infantilized Ma’Khia Bryant, calling her “a 16-year-old baby.” That sentiment was echoed on Joy Reid’s show Thursday night, except the claim was that Bryant was “adultified.” But not only was Bryant just a child … she was a big girl, which makes it easier for us to overlook her humanity. Not surprisingly, this view came from Brittney Cooper, who was recently on Oprah’s network telling us that the racism that black women experience — the struggle — makes white women’s diets not work for them.

After claiming that hackers had inserted homophobic content into the web archive of her old blog, she was promoted and given her own primetime show.

Remember when everyone freaked out when they thought (through edited video from Aaron Rupar) that a sheriff excused the massage parlor mass shooter because he was having “a really bad day”?

Yeah, NBC Nightly News edited out the part of the video showing the knife in Bryant’s hand, as well as edited the 911 call.