From all we’ve heard, Duante Wright should be alive right now; Brooklyn Center, Minnesota’s police chief said the officer who fatally shot Wright had intended to use a taser. The Daily Mail is on the story and apparently looking to stoke more anger at the police, tweeting that Wright was pulled over by police for having an air freshener hanging from his rear-view mirror.

We’d kind of like to hear from the police on this one. From the bullet points below the headline, the Daily Mail makes it clear that “Wright’s mother said her son told her he had pulled over for having an air freshener hanging from rear view mirror, which is illegal in Minnesota.” They also report that “officers pulled over Wright for a traffic violation and determined that he had an outstanding warrant.”

Was that traffic violation the air freshener hanging from his mirror or something else? The ACLU of Wisconsin also says it was the air freshener:

Again, we’re not saying he should have been shot to death, but we’re hearing a lot of people say he had expired tags. We’d like to know the truth before the narrative that he was killed over air fresheners becomes the norm.

His mother.

As someone said above, it’s like they really want people to riot because a black man was killed over an air freshener. What an irresponsible tweet and headline.


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