It was last July when some activist groups came together on a campaign called “Stop Hate for Profit,” which called for a month-long ad boycott of Facebook to pressure Mark Zuckerberg and company to do more about hate speech on the social media platform. CNN decided it was worth doing a piece on some of the big brands that hadn’t committed to pulling their ads from Facebook … yet.

We’re seeing something similar Monday from CNBC’s Brian Schwartz, who’s done a piece on major companies like Disney and GEICO that haven’t issued statements condemning Florida’s “restrictive voting bills.”

Not responding to a request for comment from a CNBC reporter is … Jim Eagle on steroids!

Yep, the whole outrage machine is a top-down operation starting with the president and the mainstream media.

Do they even know they’re doing it or was it so ingrained in them in J-school that they don’t even recognize it anymore?


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