In case you haven’t heard, the death of George Floyd, which led to the revival of the Black Lives Matter movement, has led to a coalition of groups under the banner “Stop Hate for Profit” to call for a month-long ad boycott of Facebook in July to pressure Mark Zuckerberg and company to do more about hate speech on the social media platform.

NPR has a good summary of the campaign:

When the Stop Hate for Profit campaign launched just two weeks ago, its organizers had not yet persuaded a single advertiser to boycott Facebook in July.

Now, more than 400 companies, from Coca-Cola and Adidas to Ford and Lego, have vowed to halt advertising on the social network, in a growing protest over how it handles hate speech and other harmful content.

For Rashad Robinson, this moment was a long time coming.

“Facebook has given [advertisers] no other option because of their failure, time and time again, to address the very real and the very visible problems on their platform,” Robinson, president of the civil rights group Color of Change, told NPR.

So now Facebook is in the crosshairs of the social justice warriors looking to end racism and hate speech, and rather than report on the companies that have joined the advertising boycott, CNN decided to out some of the big brand names that haven’t committed to stop advertising on Facebook: