As you know, President Biden unveiled his $2 trillion infrastructure and jobs plan Wednesday. You probably also know that Biden is a huge fan of Amtrak, and new Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is a pretty big fan of trains, too. Did you know that Buttigieg’s favorite board game involves collecting trains?

Anyway, Amtrak already has plans for the money it’s going to get, and though we might not get the high-speed rail network that President Obama promised us, we will be looking at some new train routes. Party train from Los Angeles to Las Vegas? It’s on!

What’s the chance they use up $80 billion before even a fraction of this becomes reality? Think about it: the L.A. Times reports that the cost of building California’s full Los Angeles-to-San Francisco system could reach $100 billion, and they’re projecting a mid-2030s startup — and that’s just one route.

A lot of people seem really excited about Amtrak’s new map, but Ben Dreyfuss is not among them:

A lot of people in the comments are reminiscing about the great train trips they took in Europe, which is nice for them. But count us skeptical that Buttigieg can have us all traveling cross country by train in the foreseeable future.


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