We thought it was news earlier this month when we learned the CDC gave the go-ahead for President Biden to fill his migrant overflow facilities to 100 percent capacity due to “extraordinary circumstances,” even though the recommendation to halt the spread of the coronavirus was 50 percent.

That was March 5; now it’s March 30 and the number of unaccompanied minors has climbed exponentially. They’re busing planeloads of teen girls to the San Diego Convention Center, and 500 unaccompanied teen boys will arrive Tuesday at an “emergency intake site” at Fort Bliss.

Reporters were allowed to tour a temporary border facility in Texas Tuesday, and CBS News’s Nicole Sganga tells us what they saw:

We’re old enough to remember the outrage at the Trump administration for holding minors for longer than 72 hours.

So adults bring their kids across the border, get kicked out, and immediately send their kids back unaccompanied to seek legal asylum. Didn’t candidate Joe Biden during a Democratic primary debate tell asylum seekers they should “immediately surge to the border” upon his election?

We’re also old enough to remember all the think-pieces published demonizing Trump for warning of chain migration.