Back in 2017 when she was running for the Senate, candidate Kamala Harris made it clear in a tweet that “the term ‘illegal alien’ is offensive and we must stop treating undocumented workers as criminals in this country.” Now she’s failed her way up to vice president (how did that happen?) and the Biden-Harris administration is having U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services remove all instances of “alien” from its policy manual. It seems President Trump put the word back in, and now President Biden is taking it back out.

“One DHS official told BuzzFeed News the removal of the references to ‘alien’ in the manual would create a less adversarial tone,” BuzzFeed reports. A USCIS spokesperson told Buzzfeed, “This change is designed to encourage more inclusive language in the agency’s outreach efforts, internal documents and in overall communication with stakeholders, partners, and the general public.”

You think that’s woke? Way back in 2013, the City of Seattle actually asked city employees to avoid the term “citizen” in favor of “resident.”


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