The Handbook of Racial Code Words filled up pretty quickly during the 2012 campaign, with words like “chair,” “crime” and “kitchen cabinet” being identified as subtle nods to white supremacy. With the election in the history books and immigration reform making its way through Congress, the word police changed focus and the Associated Press agreed it was time to retire the terms “illegal immigrant,” “illegal alien” and “undocumented.”

The city of Seattle has decided to take things a step further, asking city employees to avoid the term “citizen” in favor of “resident.” And one other thing: “brown bag” is also a no-no. Government workers should instead use the words “lunch-and-learn” or “sack lunch” to avoid possible offense to people of color, according to a memo issued by Elliott Bronstein of the city’s Office of Civil Rights.

How are citizens — um, residents — reacting to the city’s latest step toward political correctness?

Is there another motive at work besides protecting non-citizens from being offended?