Kamala Harris, by far the best-looking attorney general, certainly is easy on the eyes. That observation came from no less than President Obama, so you know it’s not sexist to say.

When Twitchy recently checked in on California’s attorney general, her office was investigating the pro-life activist behind those secretly recorded Planned Parenthood videos while her campaign website simultaneously hosted a petition in support of the organization.

On Monday, Harris, who seems likely to win her bid for the Senate, made it clear that illegal aliens are not to be treated like criminals who’d broken the law by entering the United States illegally.

Beyond voting, there’s not much the average citizen can do if the government chooses not to enforce its borders. But if the government won’t police the borders, is it really necessary to police the language too? The AP’s doing that already, deciding in 2013 to no longer sanction use of the term “illegal immigrant.”

Don’t forget that the White House is on board with guidance not to call felons felons anymore, due to a super-scientific (and apparently super-secret) study showing that labeling a felon as such leads to recidivism.