As Twitchy reported, a lot of people, including media blue-checks like Vox’s Aaron Rupar, rushed to misrepresent the words of a law enforcement spokesman so it sounded like he was excusing the Boulder, Colo., mass shooter for “having a really bad day.” That narrative made the rounds of the media, as well as the suspicion that the shooter was a white man — maybe even an anti-masker going on a rampage. Caleb Hull compiled a huge thread of “idiotic leftists who immediately jumped to politicize the tragic Boulder shooting to push their narrative,” and it included USA Today’s “race and inclusion editor,” Hemal Jhaveri, who responded that “it’s always an angry white man. always.”

The Post-Millennial is reporting that Jhaveri, who deleted her tweet, has since been let go by USA Today, and she says she was let go for “challenging whiteness.”

Mia Cathell reports:

“Some part of me has been waiting for this to happen because I can’t do the work I do and write the columns I write without invoking the ire and anger of alt-right Twitter,” Jhaveri countered. “There is always the threat that tweets which challenge white supremacy will be weaponized by bad faith actors.”

“On social media, that is what I failed at. There is nothing so offensive to some readers as calling out white supremacy…” she wrote, declaring that she’s stood “for true equality” and anti-racism. “That work can not be done without calling out existing power relations” in the public forum, Jhaveri asserted, maintaining that the situation is “not about bias” or blasting personal opinions on Twitter. “It’s about challenging whiteness and being punished for it.”

That’s right; blame the alt-right for jumping to the conclusion that a shooting by a Muslim Syrian immigrant was done by a white man.

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They certainly won’t.