We’ve heard President Biden himself refer to “President Harris” or “President-elect Harris” enough times that this report shouldn’t come as a surprise to us, but it does. Vice President Kamala Harris always reminds us of her presence by hovering over Biden like a vulture any time he speaks, but now everyone in the federal government will be reminded of her presence, as the White House is directing federal agencies to stop referring to the Biden administration and instead call it the “Biden-Harris administration.”

Outspoken reports:

A leaked email from an employee of a federal government agency reveals the White House is shifting toward a communication strategy that seeks to elevate Vice President Kamala Harris in all official White House business.

The directive, the employee reports, came from a top White House communications team member and instructs all agencies to refer to the Biden administration as the “Biden-Harris Administration” in place of the “Biden Administration.”

“Please be sure to reference the current administration as the ‘Biden-Harris Administration’ in official public communications,” the directive reads, with “Biden-Harris Administration” accented in bold.

The subtle move to diminish Biden was also reflected in the official Twitter account for the White House. The description for that account now reads, “Welcome to the Biden-Harris White House!”

Does it elevate Harris, diminish Biden, or both? In any case, we can’t remember any White House that was hyphenated before.

Maybe it’s just a gender equity thing, or they really to consider her to be co-president.