As Twitchy just reported, Fox News’ Peter “One-Horse Pony” Doocy peppered Jen Psaki with a number of questions about the “challenge” at the southern border Monday, including one about Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley letting migrants go without even issuing notices to appear in court. “Is the Biden immigration policy just becoming more of like the honor system?” he asked.

“That is an inaccurate depiction of what’s happening,” Psaki replied, although according to documents obtained by NBC News, that’s a very accurate description of what’s happening.

Julia Ainsley, Dasha Burns, and Jody Hammond report:

Border agents in the Rio Grande Valley, the center of the migrant surge, were authorized Saturday to begin releasing adult migrants and families from custody before they have been given dates to appear in court, according to an internal document obtained by NBC News.

The move is “intended to mitigate operational challenges, including risks to national security, during significant surges of illegal migration as currently exist in the Rio Grande Valley” by reducing the time immigrants spend in custody, according to the document.

Some immigrants said they were being released without knowing how they would be contacted.

So the move reduces the time immigrants spend in custody during significant surges by just letting them go without as much as a court date?

It doesn’t sound like these immigrants were.

Even Sen. Mitt Romney called the policy de facto child separation.

The immigrants said themselves they didn’t know how they’d be contacted. Again, NBC News only reports this happening in Rio Grande Valley.

Hotel rooms, maybe.

Was that when the Democratic candidates were asked if illegal immigrants would be covered under their health plans and all hands went up?