As Twitchy reported Thursday night, both Russian President Vladimir Putin and a Chinese delegation dunked on the United States for its human rights record, both citing Black Lives Matter as proof of America’s long history of killing blacks. At least we know how the Black Lives Matter rhetoric is playing overseas; our enemies love it and can’t get enough.

In addition, Putin, whom President Biden called a “killer” in an interview with George Stephanopoulos, cited the genocide of Native Americans as proof that America has no room to talk and challenged Biden to a one-on-one conversation streamed live. Biden, being busy, declined.

The National Pulse’s Raheem Kassam has published a clip from Chinese TV showing the U.S. herding reporters out of the room, almost as if Biden were there and offering to take questions. “Why is the U.S. afraid of the presence of reporters?” asked Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi.

It wasn’t a good look for the U.S. Thursday.

Here’s Sen. Tom Cotton:

Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson tried to warn about the feminization of the U.S. military while China does just the opposite and the U.S. military spent a week trolling him on Twitter like 14-year-old girls.


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