As Twitchy just reported, President Biden has finally put a formal press conference on the calendar, in Jake Tapper’s opinion to get people to shut up about him not holding a press conference. Supporters of the president say he’s been way too busy to hold a press conference, what with cleaning up the mess Donald Trump left him, but a visit to the border to observe the migrant crisis isn’t on the schedule. So what is?

The “Help Is Here” tour, that’s what.

We mentioned in our earlier post about the border that Biden doesn’t seem to travel much beyond Delaware and Pennsylvania, and Tuesday’s stop was in Chester, Pa., at Smith Flooring Inc. (He’d previously visited a hardware store in D.C.) The New York Post reports that Biden spoke with the owners for about three minutes before reporters were shooed out of the building.

Steven Nelson writes:

Biden spoke for about 3 minutes with the owners of Smith Flooring Inc in Chester, Pa., before reporters were escorted out, with almost no mention of his first major legislative achievement as president.

“More help is on the way, for real. Do you have questions for me — at all?” Biden asked.

It went unsaid that Biden’s home in Wilmington, Del., is roughly a half-hour drive from the business — and that he would spend the night there in his fourth overnight trip home since taking office Jan. 20.

The guy got the most votes in history without leaving his basement, so he probably doesn’t see any reason to change tack now.

Well, it was enough time for the press to get pictures of him standing in public.

And there he goes:

* * *


Finally, we have some video:


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