We missed whenever it was that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene called Guam a “foreign land,” but Michael San Nicolas, delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives for Guam’s at-large congressional district, decided as long as the National Guard was in town for no apparent reason he’d march them to Greene’s office to educate her.

They’re there because of the continual threat of a right-wing militia attacking the Capitol Building, and sleeping in parking garages and eating undercooked meat. At least the hallway is safe from insurgents today.

Remember when they were vetting National Guard troops before the inauguration after Rep. Steve Cohen suggested 75 percent of the troops in D.C. might support Trump over their duty?

No, the problem was putting too many American troops there. That was gonna make it tip over.

Recall all National Guard units from D.C. now; there’s no reason to keep them there until this fall.

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