The Associated Press reports that, including this weekend, President Biden has spent three of his eight weekends since taking office at his longtime home outside Wilmington, Delaware. (We’re guessing that doesn’t count his weekend getaway to Camp David to play Mario Kart.) He also has a recently purchased beach house in nearby Rehoboth but hasn’t spent any weekends there yet.

It’s all part of getting away from the “gilded cage” that is the White House.

“A White House work break.” What did he do besides sign the pork-filled stimulus bill and give a half-hour speech detailing the successes of Operation Warp Speed without ever mentioning Operation Warp Speed?

As we noted in another post this week, a journalist’s job is to call one professor for comment on any story:

Many presidents have complained at one point or another about feeling confined in the White House. Biden already has echoed earlier presidents in comparing the experience to living in a “gilded cage.”

So trading the 132-room executive mansion for a less confining, more relaxing weekend hangout can help presidents unwind, said University of Chicago political scientist William Howell.

“What he wanted to be was president,” Howell said. “It is not the White House per se that is the draw.”

Buried lede: Biden actually wanted to be president.

The difference is CNN won’t have a photographer stationed in the bushes taking blurry photos of President Biden lining up a putt.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki didn’t give a cost estimate, but she did defend his trips home on the weekends.

The White House defends Biden’s leisure travel at a time when both he and federal health officials have been pleading with the public to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously, including by avoiding unnecessary travel.

“The president lives in Wilmington. It’s his home. That’s where he’s lived for many, many years,” press secretary Jen Psaki said recently. “And as you know, as any president of the United States does, he takes a private airplane called Air Force One to travel there.”

“I think most Americans would also see that as a unique circumstance,” she said of the government aircraft available to Biden.

Maybe he’s going home to feed Major, who got sent home for bad behavior.


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