As Twitchy reported Tuesday, the Albany Times Union’s Brendan J. Lyons wrote that a sixth woman had come forward to accuse Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment. The woman, a member of the Executive Chamber staff whose identity is being withheld, alleges that Cuomo touched her inappropriately late last year after he summoned her to work.

The Times Union is reporting Wednesday night that the aide said Cuomo “aggressively groped her in a sexually charged manner.” Cuomo, however, has released a statement to the paper calling the woman’s account “gut-wrenching” but maintaining he’d never done anything of the sort.

The Times Union reports:

The staff member, whose identity is being withheld by the Times Union, had been called to the mansion under the apparent pretext of having her assist the governor with a minor technical issue involving his mobile phone. They were alone in Cuomo’s private residence on the second floor when he closed the door and allegedly reached under her blouse and began to fondle her, according to the source.

The person, who is not authorized to comment publicly, said the woman — who is much younger than Cuomo — told the governor to stop. Her broader allegations include that he frequently engaged in flirtatious behavior with her, and that it was not the only time that he had touched her.

“The details of this report are gut-wrenching,” Cuomo wrote in a statement to the paper, but said “I have never done anything like this”

A lot of the Times Union’s followers seem like big Cuomo fans and are calling the woman a liar. Do people in Albany like this guy?