As you’ve surely heard by now, since President Biden’s dogs have received more coverage than any of his executive orders, first dog Major Biden is being sent home to Delaware after causing a “minor injury” to an “unfamiliar” person at the White House. Poor Major’s dog bed was spotted leaning up against the outside wall of the White House by intrepid reporters.

Since the topic of pets came up, one reporter decided to go ahead and ask: What happened to the cat we were promised? The Bidens were going to adopt a cat.

We can’t say enough how sorry we are to the White House’s sign language interpreter.

We’re not sure. But this isn’t the first time the White House cat has come up; Psaki addressed it in one of her weekly updates in January, where she also said the cat would “dominate the internet.”

Where’s Winston?

Who knew that Major Biden would be the major news story of the day? And speaking of family members, where’s Hunter? In the doghouse?


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